The Fund's Overview

Angulus Lending Opportunities Fund, LP is a real estate debt fund that primarily originates secured first position, short term, non-owner occupied, single family residential loans with interest rates near 12%. The fund seeks to boost profits and mitigate risk through disposal of originated loans to secondary market buyers. Loans are disposed at par value and retain a 2% annualized residual for the remaining term of the loan. The fund recycles the recovered capital into new loans.  Total return is a function of interest earned from on balance sheet loans plus a multiple of residual interest positions retained from previously sold loans. The fund targets an 8% annualized preferred return plus an 80% share on net profits after the preferred return is met.  Quarterly distributions are available to investors.

The Fund's Niche

Angulus Lending Opportunities Fund, LP retains manager membership in a private community claiming to be the world's largest community of private lenders. The fund leverages value added relationships and industry insight to identify and create financing opportunities with low risk profiles at rates above benchmark yields.

Investing in low risk, secured real estate opportunities at rates above benchmark yields.