ACTION is the foundational key to all success.              

Pablo Picasso

This photo is of a recently completed project located in Pebble Beach, CA.


​Secured Real Estate Investments + Industry Insight = Unparalleled Performance

Angulus Capital Management (CFLL #6DBO 53777)  directs real estate debt funds that primarily originate and invest in first position, high yield, secured, short term loans, issued to professional developers who purchase property for renovation and resale. Our track record of successful investments and clients share a common denominator:  (capital preservation + yield).


Angulus is Latin for corner and niche.
Angulus Capital Management strives to deliver sustainable returns by cornering alternative investments in underserved, niche real estate lending markets.


It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Napolean Hill


Experience + Insight = results



We take investors to markets where they benefit from our knowledge, not bear the risk of our ignorance. We leverage our long term business relationships to capture lucrative deal flow. Our approach drives funding requests from junior lien holders eager to protect their investment.

The Angulus ​Niche

We create value for investors by restructuring first position distressed debt at or near maturity.  A disciplined approach is used when structuring new deals to ensure preservation of capital is achieved and serviced by high yields.